March 2024


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Festivals promote diversity; they bring neighbours into dialogue, increase creativity, offer opportunities for civic pride, and improve our general psychological well-being. In short, they make cities better places to live. – David Binder

The festival season is upon us, bringing arts and culture to life in our city. It’s a time when the dance community takes the stage, rewarding us with performances by local and international artists. Let’s seize every opportunity to support these artists and companies.

On Saturday, February 24th, Ausdance SA presented a dance workshop for over 70 primary school arts educators at the OSASA combined arts workshop. The day was filled with everything we love about the arts—music, dance, drama. We shared creative and interactive dances and resources for primary dance education, receiving excellent feedback and praise. Ausdance SA plays a pivotal role in providing its members and community with professional development in dance.

March is an exciting time for dance in the arts community with the Adelaide Festival and Adelaide Fringe Festival underway, along with numerous other shows. These events showcase the vibrancy of our arts community and remind us of the importance of advocating for the arts and dance industry in Australia.

Dance Connections 24: Ausdance SA is working on providing professional development opportunities, including Dance Connections 24—a half-day workshop on June 26th, focusing on teaching resources and approaches that promote the health and well-being of students and teachers. This workshop aims to assist dance teachers and educators in supporting their students’ mental health through dance practices and approaches. You can register your interest via email

Child Safety and Safe Dance Practices: Ausdance National’s ongoing priority is child safety and safe dance practices. If you need guidance on these matters for your organisation, we’re here to support you. We’re in the final stages of releasing an updated child-safe policy to our membership, and we’ll inform you of any necessary actions for your organisation.

Rebecca Williams

Ausdance SA President

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Rebecca Williams – President/Acting Secretary
Robyn Callan – Vice President/Education Officer/Treasurer
Lana Adamuszek – Social Media and Communications
Valeria Alonso – Members Relations Officer
Susan Howard – Ordinary Member
Rosanna Dobre – Ordinary Member

Alissa Pukkinen accepted into Queensland Ballet!

Vivienne Winter School of Ballet teacher Natanya Andonas was so proud to hear at Christmas time from her ex student Alisa Pukkinen that she had been offered a full contract with the Queensland Ballet.

Alisa had been a student with the school since she was 5 years old and completed all the Royal Academy of Dance examinations from Primary to Solo Seal with Miss Winter and Miss Andonas.

“Alisa was a beautiful girl to teach, right from the early days, always very conscientious and a pleasure to have in the school. She always worked on corrections that she received in class which is what a teacher loves to see” said Miss Winter.

She has been rewarded with her hard work by receiving this wonderful opportunity.

When asked Alisa said”
How did I feel when I got the offer?
Pure shock! A phone call from Leanne Benjamin was the last thing I was expecting just two days before Christmas! To then hear her say she would like to offer me a contract… mind-blown! I had this immediate rush of relief, disbelief and absolute gratitude. She had been visiting from London in our last week of Nutcracker shows to announce the news of her forthcoming directorship at Queensland Ballet. I was very fortunate to have been performing the role of Clara in one of the shows that Leanne had come to watch, which she complimented me on during our phone call later that week. Perhaps it was a matter of the right place at the right time, but regardless, I am so honoured and humbled that she was able to see something in me. Last year, as a Jette Parker Young Artist, was so fulfilling. I really look forward to learning and experiencing even more as a Company Artist under Leanne’s direction.”

Dragonfly Dance presents
Adult Ballet Intensive on Easter Monday

Dragonfly Dance, the premier dance studio in Adelaide specialising in adult dancers, is thrilled to announce its upcoming Adult Ballet Intensive, set to take place on Easter Monday, 1 April, at our studio located at 80 Anzac Highway, Everard Park.
This immersive one-day event promises to be an exhilarating journey into the world of ballet, tailored specifically for adult dancers seeking to deepen their understanding and skills in this fascinating art form. Featuring a meticulously curated program, the intensive will offer participants a comprehensive exploration of various facets of ballet technique. Adult ballet dancers will have the opportunity to engage in a series of workshops designed to enhance their proficiency in ballet, beginning with an invigorating hour-long ballet barre session to set the tone for the day. Subsequent sessions will delve into essential elements of ballet, including port de bras/adage, turns, pointe/demi-pointe, and allegro, allowing dancers to refine their technique and artistry under expert guidance.
Participants can choose between two streams tailored to accommodate different levels of experience. The intensive culminates in a captivating 90-minute session where dancers can opt to learn a ballet variation or participate in a partnering workshop where you’ll learn partnering techniques and a short duet. Jo McDonald, founder and co-owner of Dragonfly Dance, expressed her enthusiasm for the upcoming intensive, stating, “We are thrilled to bring this exciting ballet intensive to the vibrant community of adult dancers in Adelaide. At Dragonfly Dance, we are passionate about providing adult dancers with the same opportunities for growth and artistic development as their younger counterparts and professional peers. This intensive represents our commitment to fostering excellence and nurturing the talents of adult dancers, empowering them to reach new heights in their dance journey.” Joining Jo McDonald as teachers for the intensive will be several guest teachers, to be announced on Monday, 26 February.
The Adult Ballet Intensive follows the success of Dragonfly Dance’s inaugural Adult Dance Intensive, held earlier this year, and is part of our 2024 Intensive program, which includes upcoming intensives in theatre, jazz, tap, and contemporary dance. Mark your calendars for the Theatre Intensive on the June long weekend and the Contemporary Dance Intensive onthe Labor Day long weekend.


Passionate about Pilates?

Would you love to become an Instructor? Interested in Bridging over to Balanced Body? Our next round of Instructor Training starts in March and we’d love you to join us!

‘Becoming a Pilates Instructor takes a lot of dedication, commitment, hard work and a passion for helping others.

For me, teaching Pilates is very fulfilling work. It’s not only about teaching people how to move better and optimise their physical and mental health, it’s also about helping restore confidence and strength in people so they can feel good on the inside & out and do the things they love to do (and often do the things they thought they couldn’t do!).

When I am training new instructors, I love working with people who share the same ideals and values mentioned above.

I love to work with people who are committed to their own Pilates practice and understand that Pilates is a personal journey that takes time. They understand that the intensity of the work changes with the ebbs and flows of your body and how you are feeling on the day. They understand that if you practice consistently and stick with it long enough you will see and feel the enormous benefits this wonderful system of exercise has to offer.

I am very excited to be delivering our next round of Pilates Instructor Training and I would love you to join me.

If you are interested in taking this step towards a new career or bridging over to a Balanced Body certification, click here to express your interest or head to our website for more information.’

Rachel Kennedy – Balanced Body Master Pilates Trainer@ Stomping Ground Studios

The DreamBIG 2025 Poster Competition is now open.

DreamBIG, South Australia’s beloved children’s festival, will be celebrating its 50th anniversary from May 7 – 17 2025.

During term 1 2024, R-12 students around the state are invited to participate in the poster competition reflecting the 2025 theme ‘I was, I am, I will be’. The winning artwork will be professionally adapted and reproduced for the 2025 Festival poster, advertising, signage and resources. Schools are encouraged to get multiple classes involved – why not exhibit and vote within your school community?

Entry criteria, information including a design brief with tips from Adelaide Festival Centre’s graphic designers and teaching resources are provided here to guide your students to create a masterpiece for all to see.

The Schools Challenge is Australia’s newest performing arts event for primary, secondary & independent arts schools. The Schools Challenge is designed to support busy teachers throughout the journey as well as empower students through our four core values – positive mental health, positive body image, growth mindset & having a voice. Contact us today to register your school & take the challenge! Email or call 0488 772 933.

Seacliff Uniting Church, located at 5 Wheatland Street, Seacliff, has a large and small hall, with adjoining kitchen and toilets available for hire at various times.

– Rate for Large Hall/Kitchen/Toilets $31.50/hour
– Rate for Small Hall/Kitchen/Toilets $21/hour
– Available hours and ‘Conditions of Use’ by enquiry to:
– 8296 1517

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Simple dance exercises & steps with lively music from jazz & African sources
Teacher Ibina Cundell was a founding member of ADT – classes $10


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